Board Members

Paul Edward Ouboter

Paul studied biology at Leiden University and also received his PhD from this university. After years of research on amphibians and reptiles in Southern Europe, Eastern Africa and Nepal, he started a project on caiman ecology in Suriname in 1982. From 1987 till 2018 he was the director of the National Zoological Collection of Suriname (Anton de Kom University of Suriname). Since 1992 he also coordinated the Environmental Research Center. NeoWild was established by him and a group of colleagues in January 2019. His research is focused on the impact of disturbance on biodiversity, using especially aquatic organisms, amphibians and mammals as model organisms. His second line of research is on mercury pollution. He is strongly involved in teaching, especially at the MSc and PhD level. He is a member of many international scientific organizations and published more than 100 scientific papers, including technical reports and books.

Vanessa S. Kadosoe

Vanessa received her MSc degree in environmental and conservation Biology at the Anton de Kom University of Suriname (Institute for Graduate Studies and Research). She has been involved early on in her career in research on aquatic macro invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles and mammals, particularly in the monitoring of jaguars. She is currently also employed at the National Zoological Collection of Suriname, at the entomology department. She is also involved in education especially at BSc and MSc level and has assisted in many international field courses and student thesis research. Her passion for the natural world is also visible in her love for nature photography, which she uses as a tool to bring awareness in environmental issues and to promote nature conservation.

Dimitri Alexander Ouboter

Dimitri has always had a fascination for the natural world and in particular wild animals. This love for wildlife persisted so he continued studying biology, getting his MSc degree in ecology and evolution from the university of Amsterdam. He started working on anthropogenic disturbance to wildlife communities and the ecology and systematics of amphibians and reptiles. He is adventurous and passionate about his work, spending hours on end exploring landscapes always with absolute curiosity for nature's answers to our questions. Through research and education, he works to contribute vital knowledge in his field and inspire many people to appreciate, support and ultimately safeguard the wonderful biodiversity in our environments.
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