NeoWild organizes field courses for foreign universities. Our most frequently offered course covers field techniques for plants, terrestrial arthropods, aquatic invertebrates, fish, amphibians/reptiles, birds, small mammals and large terrestrial mammals. This is a two-weeks course. However, we also offer custom field courses that can have any biological subject and any length. Most of our field courses are carried out in the tropical rainforest of Brownsberg Nature Park, which has good lodging and working facilities, but other localities are possible as well (see map). NeoWild can supply most of the equipment needed for a field course.

  • We have offered field courses for the following universities: University of the West Indies, University of Chester, Kansas University, Tulane University. For two of these, it is part of the regular curriculum and field courses are given annually.
  • In addition, NeoWild is in the process of designing a general field course offered to anyone with an interest in Neotropical biodiversity.

For more information on Field courses, please contact [email protected].

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